CBB Model Play Plans

You might not believe it, but college basketball is just three weeks away from tipping off! Last year, you guys raised $25,379 towards Doctors Without Borders and I still hold that as my greatest accomplishment. On the performance side the model went 77-49-2 (61%) for +34.4 units (14% ROI), making the whole thing even sweeter. All around it was a great success and I couldn’t have been happier with how things turned out.

2020 Donation Period

Given last year’s efforts, it was an absolute no brainer to bring this back. As a repeat from last year, if you donate $20+ to Doctor’s Without Borders from February 24th-25th you will receive model plays for the rest of the season (including March Madness).

Full Season Plays

Given the performance of the model last year, I’ll be running the model from the start of this season as opposed to waiting until February to start the fun. That means there’s an additional three months from November through January to have the pleasure of explaining to friends and family why you’re watching teams struggle through unnecessary last minute free throws in completely out-of-reach games.

If you are interested in joining me, I have made a full season package available for $299To keep the charity efforts in mind, any $20+ donation to Doctor’s Without Borders will provide you with a $100 off discount code to bring the model plays to $199. To receive the discount code, just forward your email donation confirmation to samkonmodels@gmail.com.


How are model plays sent out?

Model plays are sent via email (you are automatically added to an email group) and via a private Twitter account.

When are model plays sent out?

Model plays are typically sent out the morning of games.

Have you made any changes to the model from last year?

Nope, the model is exactly the same as last year’s.

Will you be playing futures this year?

Yes! This is something I’ve been diving into for the past few weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing how they pan out.

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